1695 Loosey Goosey.


The goose is loose.

My time in Breath Of The Wild has been too brief but even so it has made me look at the real world differently. Now when I see a hill, or structure I calculate how much of my stamina meter it would take to climb it. Well, Link’s meter anyway. Mine is nowhere near the heroic level he gets to OR the still pretty heroic level he starts at. It’s a damn fine game. It borrows from a lot of other games but manages to avoid the tediousness that those games always have for me. The fact that you can do anything in pretty much any order after the opening is fun because you can get the master sword without having actually freed a single divine beast. Of course the sword isn’t the game changer it was in the older games, not in the same way at any rate. Getting it doesn’t mean you never need another weapon. That’s a clever mechanic. You need the right tool for the job. It’s also so much better to actually learn to fight smart, but you don’t ever have to. You can pummel your way past anything as long as you don’t mind scrounging for more weapons every time you break a handful over the heads of a few creatures. You’re only mildly punished for your lack of finesse. The only thing I find annoying is horse related stuff. I don’t like the idea of them getting killed for a start. I know it doesn’t really mean anything but it makes me feel bad. Or it would if I ever got one killed. Also I’m not comfortable on the things anyway and they cant go right up the side of things the way I can. Maybe they are useful for some players but not me. I found a magic one though and a bone one, but they wouldn’t let me keep them, which is lame.