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I got Momodora: Something something Moon for the Switch, as I said before. It’s fun, but I have some weird gripes about it that are game designed based. Early on it has this weird habit of giving you mixed messages about environmental hazards. It’s rare, but it’s there. Specifically in some places you can go in water and swim, but if you go off screen you die. Which teaches you that water is bad. Avoid water.
Later on you’re presented with water you’re supposed to swim though, but the game has taught you not to go in water. What they should have done is had a random pond, with clear borders, that has a treat at the bottom. The player would then try to get it and learn that the protagonist can breathe underwater & swim, without having to be told, & also know that water hides things you want. The hazardous water returns later in the game, so you get mixed messages about water. I don’t know a lot about game design, but I know you shouldn’t send mixed messages about play unless you illustrate the conditional aspects of the situation. Like, dangerous water is a weird color.
The boundaries of the stages are also a problem because usually the screen will scroll past a visible edge, so you think you can just jump to the next part. Except in some places you can’t. You can’t know for sure unless you check the map, but even then the map lies about hidden secrets. So you have to risk a death just to be sure. It’s a minor issues, but ones that I find more frustrating than other flaws that might be more legitimately criticized. I would still recommend it. It’s not so hard you’ll be ripping your hair out, but it does reward excellence, so if you are really good you’ll get bonus stuff. I don’t have any bonus stuff, but I haven’t hit any kind of skill walls that stopped me playing like I did with Hollow Knight.