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I’ve been waking up feeling not right. The in my head repetition of stuff I hear has been happening again. Which I think is a sign that I’m not falling asleep enough for my brain to rest from the previous day. It seems to happen when I get too tired & stressed. It might be from needing new cpap masks, or not being able to get comfortable, or maybe just my allergies, which are extremely bad right now. It might even just be from getting interrupted when I try to sleep, or maybe it’s been too cold, or too hot, or any number of things. For whatever reason I seem to “wake up” properly at around 6 AM give or take, then I don’t want to sleep until my body just forces me to. I’ve been trying to get back in to taking a walk everyday, but my feet cracked so bad the other day I had to stop to give them a chance to recover. My foot dryness is really severe for some reason. It runs in my mom’s family, but it’s really bad with her and I. I need some kind of plastic sock I can wear at night just to let my oils and stuff absorb in to them. It’s started to spread to one of my toes too. Maybe it’s just going to get worse as I age. It’s never spread to my hands the way it has with my mom, but who knows, maybe it will eventually. That would be bad since I work with them constantly. He hands are perpetually cracked to the point of bleeding & she sleeps with gloves on to help moisturizers work better overnight. Anyway it’s annoying. I need to get more stuff ordered for my Cpap, but I couldn’t until the 14th, then I forgot about it, so now it will take a while longer. I’m going to try to remember to do it tomorrow morning. Which means at best it will be late next week before the stuff comes.