1664 Twice Nice.


I think Jo would like it if being Jo was less complex, and Thomas would like to be able to step into the experiences of other people. These two are quite a pair. I’m glad they get to be with one another a little more in the coming parts.

Well the Teen moved out. I am no longer a steward of her care. It’s been a hard time trying to guide her from day one and it wore on me. her family was so different from ours and she resisted till the very last. Our way may not be better but it worked for us and not so much for her. Still, I worry that she didn’t get enough of our teachings to be safe out in the world. But her course is her own to chart now, and I wish her a calm sea and fair winds. She is far more bold than I was at her age.

The house is very empty in the areas she frequented. The sudden appearance of space took me by surprise. Mountains of hair care products suddenly disappeared like they were raptured away. And the bathroom just stayed clean since I tended to stay out of it over these last few years. She made it her own space much more than anyone else. The room where I started this very comic has returned to the state between the times of there and now. A chapter of all our lives has closed. Now we turn a page.