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Even I am not sure exactly what Jo means by that…

I did a lot of networking this weekend, which was good, but it didn’t help me get any more work done. I’ve forgotten how much time people take up. No one is ever in as much a hurry as I am to get to the point of things. There’s always a lot of pauses and stuff and all I hear is a ticking clock. I’ve always been frustrated when people can’t do things as fast as I can. In some ways I’m extremely impatient when in other ways I’m patient on a level people can’t even comprehend. Like when I started the comic I went in knowing it would be years before it amounted to anything and even then it wasn’t a sure thing. Other people got tired of me doing it years ago, but I just kept going. Maybe that’s part of it too. I’m so patient with that aspect of my life I don’t have any left for conversation that isn’t going anywhere. Or at least that I can’t see going anywhere.

I actually can get furious when people tell me to be patient sometimes. It’s like I’ve been patient you fuck. I’m done with it right now. I know that’s illogical, but in the moment it doesn’t matter. I fly off the handle at weird things in general and people also seem to pick the exact wrong moments to test me on top of that. Like when I’m already furious calling me out on my shit isn’t going to help anything. It’s just going to redirect my rage at you. I’ve been trying to keep from doing that, but it’s really hard to turn away in the moment.

It’s gonna be 80 degrees this week… I can hardly remember a year where it wasn’t still at least cool around my birthday. Guuuuuuuuuh. I’m gonna be stuck in the heat again. Winter wasn’t long enough this year. I almost felt like a normal human for a while there.

I tried this soluble fiber stuff that’s a substitute for rice and noodles. it tastes like whatever you put it in and I haven’t been hungry nearly as much as usual. It’s weird to eat though. Like little slime balls. not gross but also not like rice. It tastes fine in a curry at any rate and has no callories apparently.