1662 Mystery Dungeon.


There’s never been a good D&D branded movie, sadly. The one they made years ago is not a good film by any stretch of the imagination, although I concede that some people like it because people are capable of loving broken things, and that’s fine. I’ve staked my life on that very principle. Still, it’s a shame that there hasn’t ever really been a good, pure, D&D based movie. I understand there was some animation at one point, but it’s hardly memorable, or someone would have shown me. The best terrible thing to come from D&D as far as other media goes is the cartoon, which I’ve spoken about, at length many times. If you’re too young to remember it look up a few episodes. The first one in particular because it has such a 80s cartoon setup.

Side note, there’s a fetish porn comic that totally ripped characters off from that show called Slimey Thief, or Slime Thief, depending on when you find it. If you like giant magical boobs go find it. If not… then don’t do that. Pretty much the only character lifted right from the cartoon is Presto the mage, or wizard… I forget the nomenclature they used in the show. Magician maybe? Doesn’t matter. Its just a thing I happen to know because I’m a pervert.

I fucked up my arm somehow and it has left my left middle finger numb on one side, and part of the tip, for a few days now. It’s incredibly annoying and has really shown me just how much I use my left hand to do tons of things. I think it might possibly have something to do with the last time they drew blood from me because the lady clearly fucked it all up and the spot where she stuck me has been sore for way longer than normal. I suppose it could be a little carpal tunnel too, but I’ve gone so long with it never being an issue it seems odd to me that it suddenly would.

Honestly I haven’t been eating very well on top of everything else and it’s really starting to get to me. I really am a case study on how a single man will die much faster than one who has a mate.

Additionally I really need to have my eyes examined, but when I went to do it the place had just lost its doctor. So I have to wait again. It would have been so convenient, but no… I think between my allergies and not blinking enough my eyes are starting to deteriorate more than they might have otherwise. Winter is an all too brief rest from the worst of my allergies and this year it barely happened at all. I’ve had several days already of barely maintaining my sanity from my reactions.

I also think the clutch is going out on my truck. That would be a real disaster. Having to replace it will be a regular disaster, but getting stuck someplace would be… practically unbearable. So I absolutely need to get that dealt with the next time i have access to another vehicle. The Teen’s one is something but she’s practically moved out of the house at this point, so who knows how long it will be around after it gets its tags.

In case you were wondering The Teen has been making a series of questionable life choices now that she’s 18. The first signs of the dumpster fire that may become her life are beginning to glow. We did what we could and now all that’s left is the crying. My family has vowed not to enable her the way we did with her father, since that turned out so badly. Maybe going the other way will save her from a completely destroyed life. But it’s all a fucking crap shoot, so whatever. I guess we’ll see. No one will be happier than me if I’m completely wrong about what she’s choosing to do with herself. My path looks like the activity of a crazy person too if you look at it on paper, but it’s all that has even come close to working for me. Everyone has to find their own ways to cope with this thing called life.

I recently met some really nice people online and that has made me feel less isolated that I have in a while. Of course it seems like for every one good thing that happens there’s two shit things, but again that’s just life. I guess. Maybe it’s statistics, or karma, or random fucking chance.

I was going to order a new mask for my cpap, but fuuuuuuck. they are so expensive. I know I have some links someplace that people sent me, but I just browsed on amazon a little because I didn’t want to use the phone ordering thing that came in the mail. I hate places that don’t have a good online interface. I want to look at stuff. I really want to try some stuff instead of buying blind, but I still have to wait till fucking June for that… If I last that long at the rate I’m going.

My birthday is this month. A year later and I still haven’t had time to finish the fucking anniversary poster. Not that anyone is begging for it or anything. At this point it’s just for my own sanity after spending so much commissioning the fucking thing… Guh.

If I could just lose enough weight to be healthy I could save so much money and do so much more stuff. Since I don’t drink or smoke I would be in really good shape health wise for someone my age. Easy food is always garbage and I don’t have time or money enough for constantly buying and fucking with non processed food. Eating healthy really is a luxury, but it would actually be better for everyone if processed food was expensive and fresh stuff was cheap. because that would cut down on doctor costs for everyone, and lower insurance rates and all kinds of stuff. (I’ve got all kinds of crazy theories about this shit now…)

I really hate this time of year because my allergies make me jittery and nervous. It affects everything. Even though I have my own room pretty well sealed off the dogs track in so much pollen and dirt it’s insane. They’ve all learned to roll in dirt from Dorothy, who was a stray for a while, so now it’s 5 dogs just bringing in pounds of dirt every day. I vacuumed earlier and when they came in you couldn’t tell I’d done anything, so I did it again! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.