1922 Blowback.


Comic Vote

I just got done watching the new Smash Bros. thing. I was on the fence about getting it, but I think I will now and maybe try to organize something on the discord to play with other people. It was the only way I ever really enjoyed the game fully. The single player stuff doesn’t really thrill me, but if I get some kind of community stuff going maybe I’ll get my money’s worth out of it. It seems like enough people are on board with getting it to make it work when it didn’t for the last two versions.

The other day I saw they has that Curse Of Darkness game from that kickstarter on the 3DS shop. I forget if that’s the actual name. I think the game it comes from is Bloodstained. Anyway, it’s $9 and if I realized they were gonna port it to the DS I would’ve got it there because the portable mode for the Switch I’m not in love with. I really want bigger Joycons that are more like a pro controller split in half. The standard ones are laid out out in a way that doesn’t work for my hands and I can’t hold the system as steady as I want to. Which is why I’ve used docked mode almost exclusively for games that require fast button presses.