1117 Modifier.


This should be a fun week for Jess fans. Hopefully it will be a fun week for all fans, but if you are particularly fond of Jess she, as is her way, steals the show. I had actually forgotten about her when I first started toying with the idea of Between Failures involving Ed. When she was included I thought I was creating her for the comic, but later on I found some old writings that made me remember her original creation. Strangely enough it was tied to the ideas that eventually evolved into the fiction story some of you have been enjoying. (And which sadly does not continue this evening. My apologies for that.) I even found some ancient drawings of her. At that time I really didn’t draw that much. Not when compared to the virtually endless amount I do now. I maybe drew her 2 or three times. Her basic design has remained the same through every iteration: girl Ed. I have come to adore her much more than in the beginning as she has grown as a character. She is someone who starts trouble and then revels in it. Things start because of her need to be entertained all the time. That’s a very important kind of person in fiction and in real life.

In other news, if you look to the sidebar you will notice a little Brooksie above the twitter feed. She is a clickable image link for the voting page of Between Failures, on some comic ranking site whose name escapes me at present. I’ve been asked to add such a link many times but never was able to get the page to accept it. This evening it worked. So, if it pleases you so to do, feel free to vote for Between Failures whenever you notice the adorable link guardian.