1116 Dorktastrophe.


I’m just about squared away and back on track with everything. At least compared to how I have been. I’d rather be getting each batch of pages done in a more timely manner, but I’ll settle for close to it.

A friend of mine started doing game commentary videos. His channel is here if you’re into that sort of thing. I bring it up because his second series of videos made me want to play something I thought I was done with: a zombie game. I’ve been sick of zombies for a while now. I was into them YEARS before they were a thing. Back when you’d try to explain Resident Evil to someone and they’d just kind of look at you. That’s not to say I’m some kind of zombie culture elitist. I’m glad people are enjoying the concept now, but I just had a really long head start on getting sick of it all, especially when the series that started my enjoyment of the idea have done a hurricane kick over the shark, burying their combat knife in its nose as it leapt out of the water at them. I gave RE 4 a halfhearted try. I actually finished RE Zero, which has the same amount of zombies with no calories… Never quite got through the Wii version of Dead Rising.

Anyway, long story short, State Of Decay, as played by Jeff, looks incredibly fun. Fun to the point where I’m actually considering getting it. So that speaks well for his playing, I guess. Fun fact, Jeff was almost a main character in this comic back when I first started it. I think there’s a post about it on my tumblr. I’ll have to look in a bit. Found it!