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I got distracted by stuff going on outside of my hermitage & forgot to set up the post. Not that it’s all that late, but still. I’ll post a little more after I’m done with my admin.

I know some of you are in to Harry Potter stuff and whatnot because you comment on the various references I make to it here and there. So I’m just going to assume you are aware of JK Rowling’s twitter, pottermore, and so on. I’m really starting to think that if she’s given enough time Harry Potter will suffer the same fate as Star Wars. She’s gonna retroactively change and add stuff until she ruins her little universe. The stuff with the fate of Hagrid is really skirting the edges of unacceptable. Midiclorian levels of unacceptable. I mean, it’s her universe to ruin as she sees fit, but it’s hard to watch as a fan. So far, on balance, she’s mostly enhanced her existing work, but this thing about one of the main females being cursed to slowly become a wolf is like C’MON.