1879 Aracnerd.


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I had a lot of fun coming up with fake super hero names that sound like off brand Marvel characters. It’s very hard work around what Marvel and DC already own, but it’s kind of fun to try and think of ways to make a character similar but legally distinct. Aracnerd is actually my favorite one. I actually looked it up to see if anyone has ever used it and for once there was only one version spelled differently. So this one is mine! Not for you! The robots making out line if a reference to the newest transformer comics. They are exploring the idea of romantic relationships which is new to that franchise for the most part. Cybertronians are genderless technically and their personalities aren’t locked in to their bodies. It’s kind of interesting, but I haven’t been buying the new books. I’ve just gleaned stuff from tumblr posts and what have you. Most of this stuff is stuff from social media that I’ve come in contact with rather than first hand knowledge. There are a lot of very polarized opinions about the evolution of comics and really “geek culture” in general. It’s worse than the stuff that happened with the Star Wars prequels, which is saying something. YouTube is awash in people raging against the evolution of culture. I’ve seen good arguments on both sides & I expect everyone will find common ground eventually. The loudest voices are rarely the true representation of most people. Anyway, since the comic shop is going to be a thing I kind of wanted to touch on it at least.