1846 Immortals.


A lot of times the only obvious difference between genius and insanity is results. If you look at the history of successful people when they talk about their ideas they are confident on a level that reads as insanity to most people. Old videos of Jeff Bezos make him seem like a nutjob who wants to use this “internet” thing to sell shoes. Of course now we know that Amazon was a great idea, and he’s being painted more and more as a villain who doges taxes, bullies employees, all while twirling his metaphoric moustache. If he had failed no one would know who he is because the expected result happened. So much of what we take for granted started out with someone who saw a potential that no one else could. Apple, Wal-Mart, Mcdonalds, Lego, Atari… Of course if everyone could see these sorts of things then everyone would be fighting to take the top spot, which also happens with these sorts of confident people. Tesla & Edison is a pretty good example. One guy ruled his empire with an iron fist, and the other died married to a Pidgeon.
Of course we already know that what Jess wants to do can work. It all comes down to if she can take hold of whatever it is in the cultural zeitgeist that makes something a success. It’s something that I am capable of observing, but can’t do myself. I’ve never been able to get ahead of the curve in a way that makes a person very successful. I’ve seen people do it accidentally, and a few on purpose, but never managed it myself. I’m too fearful to dive in to things the same way winners do. Fear stays my hand. It’s a trait I share with most of the world, so at least I’m not alone in that respect.