1845 Pornish.


Jessica is uncommonly smart. She also tends to assume that everyone else experiences the world the same way she does, when that isn’t the case. This is actually common for intelligent people, and it makes them get frustrated with people who are slower than them. She lives in a future where things happen the way she expects and people react the way she thinks they should because she assumes they underastands that the way she thinks is right. Now, contrast her with Thomas. Thomas lives in a future where people never understand and always do the worst thing. He expects people to do the emotional thing in a given situation & can read people well. They aren’t opposites, but they have very different emotional intelligence. They are generally, however, the optimistic & pessimistic versions of their character types. They both think that their way is best and tend to disregard the will of others, because they think they know better. Sometimes they are right, sometimes not. Jessica is very open about what she wants, she tends not to hide her goals. Thomas is secretive about what he does because he knows how people generally react to being manipulated. Thomas’s method is easier to do because people don’t drag their feet if they don’t realize they are being led. The problem is that when they find out they are often angry regardless of the outcome. With Jessica she has to bully people along, but they aren’t surprised when they get to the end of the road. Also, people like being led when they agree generally with the leader’s ideas, or even just their style. They’ll act like they don’t if questioned, but the reality is that if it’s easier to be led people will let themselves be led. Which is fine when the person leading is “good”. When they aren’t it can be disastrous. You can observe this all over the world, every day, on the world stage, and on the playground. All of this is a basic brick of what makes up the ebb and flow of human interaction. The grandest scope of it is hard to take in, so we break it down into smaller and smaller bits trying to make sense of it, until we give up from what amounts to exhaustion. If you can, take a moment to set away from yourself and look at an interaction from a dispassionate place. With practice you’ll begin to see the movements and can adjust your own actions in such a manner as to influence events in a way that suits your desires.