1844 Contrast.


These three are on a dangerously similar wavelength. Also, James knows Nina from the store, but doesn’t know her personally. I imagine it in that was that frumpy dudes learn the names of pretty girls from pestering them at work. How many slights do you suppose it will be before he becomes a men’s rights activist? X3

Also, if any of you remember The Teen from blogs over the last six years or so, she had gall bladder surgery today and is, at present, fine. It was costing her a lot of money to go to the ER over and over so she just bit the bullet & decided to take the hit for the surgery now instead of waiting until her insurance problems are sorted out. The way she described it, it seems like she has the same sorts of problems with anesthesia that my grandmother does, which is that she likes to die while they operate on her. It seems like it scared the doctors pretty bad since removing a gall bladder is apparently a relatively safe operation these days. The Teen’s blood pressure fluctuated wildly and when she came out of anesthesia she had a fit of weeping that she doesn’t remember having.

Anesthesia has odd effects on a lot of my family members. My nephew and his father are violent when they come to. We just found out that this trait passed down to him.