1774 Corruption.


I’ve been listening to Star Wars Revan, which is a book that takes place after the events of Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic. Which is a video game if you aren’t familiar with it. I assume this is all legends content, but I don’t care in this case. KOTOR was one of the best ideas ever created in Star Wars lore. It pins down the story of the open ended game to a specific series of events and goes from there. At fist I was really bored by it. In fact it took almost 10 chapters of setup with characters I didn’t give a fuck about, before I finally got invested in the whole thing. Now it’s finally getting to story stuff that’s actually interesting to me. There’s a big chunk of the early chapters concerned with the ancient Sith. Maybe if I was a little deeper in to the other games or something I would have cared about those characters, but I never played the MMO which I think is tangentially related to this book.
Anyway the second game kind of spoils a few things, but not a lot, because the stuff in the second game that have to do with Revan are only partially related to him. The focus is mostly on the main character, but the game references the first and a couple of characters return. The book nails some of that stuff down that isn’t explicitly stated in the game.
I actually really liked the second game too, even though it wasn’t as well received and isn’t remembered fondly in the fan community. It has some flaws and in my opinion it was the start of the grim decline of Bioware. Of course Bioware knocked it out of the park with the first two Mass Effect games and the third is pretty good too in spite of EA eating the company alive from inside. I never played the game that came after that, but I heard it was a huge failure. EA games have slowly destroyed a lot of franchises I loved. Sims, SimCity, KOTOR, Mass Effect…
That’s just the way of things now. Companies who don’t care about the players slowly destroying intellectual properties and developers who do.