1725 Feels 2: Electric Boogaloo.


Thomas, realizing that Carol is in a mood to continually escalate her flirting, bows out before he can’t stop himself from staying. I expect the interaction will follow him for the rest of the day. And probably Jo too, who is likely still within earshot, hiding.

I decided to use a book credit to get the Dune audiobook. I’ve never read the actual book. I’ve seen the movie a number of times and the tv series once as well, but never the text. Part of the reason I never read the book is because I was once forced to do a book report on Children Of Dune. I wasn’t able to read the prior books, or see the film, before that time, so it was boring and made very little sense at many points. I had no idea what the whole thing was about. My report ended up being an indictment of its pacing and tone and lack of explanation at any point of the minutia of the world. The book isn’t wrote to be read without having read the others. I don’t think there is a problem with that. But having been forced to jump in at this middle part made it a difficult read and very much soured me on the franchise until decades later.
One night the movie came on and I was working, so I didn’t bother to change the channel. I really enjoyed the weird structure and tone of the whole thing. Having listened to a few hours of the book I can see that they were trying very hard to be true to the text. Possibly too hard. It makes the movie a bizarre mish mosh of narration, dramatic asides, and rotating cast members, coated with a layer of pure 70s science fiction insanity. After that I read the better part of the Dune wiki and filled in all the gaps in the film. Later on I watched a tv series someone had uploaded to youtube. Which was fine, but lacked the heart of the film.
Anyway that leads us back around to now, where I decided to experience the actual book. I’ve sort of decided to get the audio of a few science fiction classics that I like over time. Just to see how much is different from the films. I’ll probably do Logan’s Run next. I love the movie and the TV series too to a lesser degree. After that I’m not sure. There are new Star Wars books, but I don’t know if I want the holes filled in with the original movies. With everything else the books add to the experience, but I find that stuff about the original trilogy characters read a lot more like fanfiction than official works. In any case I have time to worry about that later.

I’m not sure if I’ll listen to the Dune sequels. From reading the wiki it seems like the series loses its mind after the first book to a degree I won’t enjoy. I actually pretty clearly remember the first few chapers of Children of Dune so maybe it’s better than I’m giving it credit for out of spite.