1724 Mad Love.


There are storms and flooding here that have knocked out the power, so I have to post this now in case it’s down for a while.

Rather than do the normal thing of denying irrational behavior Thomas self assesses in a few seconds and admits to what he feels. This is a wildly uncommon ability. Men are typically trained to deny emotion as a sign of weakness and Thomas actively tries to break that training. We’ve already seen part of the reason for that.

Emotional honesty is generally seen as a weakness, although people outwardly tout it as good. In actual social situations they will fall right back in to the societally accepted ways to act. Women may say they like it when a man is emotionally vulnerable, but that is not true in my experience. While the idea of that kind of man is theoretically popular in practice women react to male emotion generally with the same scorn people always have. As if it’s programmed in to them and they are powerless to change that.

Thomas is skirting the line. In reality you have to strike a very careful balance between accepted male strength and vulnerability. Women may say they respect a man who can cry, but in reality there’s a little voice deep down inside everyone that quietly and cruelly whispers “Pussy…”