1775 Ample Sample.


These two are really cute together. I really love how the power balance shifted with them then evened out to this sort of equality. Like, if they got married I think they would be really happy together.

My family isn’t having Thanksgiving this year; what with grandma being in such die straights. I wish I could be super broken up about it but I’m just not. The last few years have ruined holidays for me in a lot of ways. A lot of food at once makes he really sick now, I don’t travel well, I can’t maintain my own body temperature properly, and so on… That’s not to say I’m happy either. I love my family and find them very entertaining and we don’t come together without holidays. It’s just that the holidays are so disruptive that it messes up life for weeks. The fact of the matter is that life is changing and the holidays of my youth are coming to an end. Something new will take their place eventually. I wish I could say that it might be something better, but I know it won’t be. Life is slowly working toward the eventual lonely ending I’m going to get. It’s the most depressing reality I’ve had to get right with. The future is getting more and more bleak. Even as it seems like my foot is finally starting to heal my body just finds new things to have wrong with it. I’m sick of being sick and I’m running out of things that can distract me for long enough periods to tolerate it.

In case you’re curious my grandma survived against really impressive odds. It’s practically her special skill. She’s lived though so many almost deaths it’s crazy. Lung cancer, polio, all kinds of shit. He will to live is insane. Plus she’s always looking forward to whatever goal it is she has even when she’s sick. You can’t throw stuff away because she’s going to use it for something at some unknown future time. It’s a weirdly positive way to be in spite of everything and her general outlook on things. On the other hand some of it must have been passed on to the rest of us because we always keep going in the face of all evidence that going isn’t all that great. Unreasonably stubborn people just carrying on to what end we know not.
They are transporting her to a place with better gear so she can get off of the breathing machines and that. which is handy since it’s where my sister lives and where my mother goes all the time to take care of my nephew. Little victories here and there.