1772 Sense.


Okay, well, I got my replacement power cord and that was all that was wrong with the Surface. Thank goodness. I had all the really important stuff saved to a memory card so if I had lost everything else it wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but it would still have been painful. The lack of alternate power solutions in the Surface is a design flaw in my opinion, but whatever. It is what it is. I always intended to buy a spare cord, but they were $200 even when they weren’t new. I checked later on and they were down to $80 so I never could convince myself to buy one. Even the off brand ones were expensive enough that I didn’t give them much thought. After a while I just forgot. I keep my old computer ready as a backup but it usually takes some time to get it running since it’s not updated every day now. I also didn’t upgrade the art software when I did the last upgrade. unfortunately I can’t find the license key so I ended up buying a standard version upgrade for the spare. With all the moving around with the Teen and whatnot I’ve lost track of my important software box…

Long story short I’m up and running as usual again. I’m gonna get a spare power cord for this thing now that I know that’s what the problem is. If I can afford it I’ll probably get a spare memory card to keep all the important files on a card I can actually get out of the surface easily if it fails for good at any point. Right now I can hold the art archive on one and not much else, but I’d rather have as much as possible on an extractable card. Of course I do have three other backup systems but I have to sit the thing down and do it all at once.

I’m considering using an online archive service but I really don’t trust companies that do that… Still it might be worth it if there was an automatic syncing feature of some sort.

Anyway that’s about the size of things. I usually try to have lots of failsafes in place, but I just ened up with a blind spot on the power cord. I mean I have 3 styluses for this thing a replacement nib pack, 3 external hard drives, memory cards, you name it, but it all falls apart without the damn power cord…