1752 Relative To Him.


Had to run to the store. Will write after I return.

I ended up falling asleep after putting the Teen to bed. She didn’t have a functioning cable thing in her room so I had been watching the old tv version of steven king’s It on dvd. She apparently got it years ago for a Halloween party but never watched it. It’s so not scary… I remember it being creepy at the time but maybe because I was 12 or whatever. It’s not terrible, but what makes it great is in short supply. Mostly Tim Curry as the evil clown. He makes that character so much better than the production deserves.

I totally forgot that Seth Green is in that version. I think he’s the only kid who went anywhere but I’m not sure. I know I recognize the kids from other shows of the time but I’m not going to research the thing. Anyway, as dated as the TV version is it’s still worth watching. I haven’t seen the new movie, but I have to say it looks good, even as someone who doesn’t like horror films. It seems like it has some subtle elements that will make it more cinematic rather than gorey for the sake of it and shallow.

I’ve been thinking about getting the audiobook of It, but I’m not sure it’s going to be something I end up enjoying as a work the way I’m interested in it as a concept.

Anyway, about the comic, this is practically a real conversation I’ve had more than once with people I used to know. If it rings true it’s because of that most likely. The other party would have been another dude, but this is basically how these kind of update conversations go. You list off the people who are doing fine then deal with the ones you’ve lost. Also, a friend of mine did actually do this. It was decades ago now, but I still remember the last time I talked to him. I only knew him a little from social things but knew him well enough to know that he was almost cartoonish in his morose personality. One of my best friends was actually one of his best friends though and I asked him about the whole thing later and he said basically the same thing. In the 20 something years they had been friends he had always talked about death constantly and how much he hated life. So he was shocked because that was his normal so he didn’t seem “really sad”.

In retrospect the last time I talked to him he actually seemed uncharacteristically happy. Which is not to say he was all smiles, but he was sad in a happy way compared to sad in a sad way which was normal for him. Nothing alarming. In fact I thought maybe he was getting to a better place in his life.

The actual event, as described to me, was that he had an argument with his roommate. It wasn’t abnormal, or even all that heated, just a regular argument about normal things like not doing dishes or some shit. The argument was resolved, he walked into his room, and shot himself 30 seconds later. Apparently in a way that did not seem accidental. The people who knew him best didn’t see it coming. It makes you wonder if there was ever a chance to do anything to help at all.