1751 Socially Horrifying.


Teen Corner

hello web-comic world the not so teen is back and not just in the comic blog, but living with my aunt again and of course Jackie again. I’m only half way moved back. everything is an absolute mess in my room as per usual.tonight I got half my clothes hung up and into the closet, so progress. I moved back in due to me and my fiancé taking a break so I’ve also been an emotional wreck, Jackie is a witness to that. after a short period of time apart though we are attempting to work things out but continue living apart so we will see how that goes. college is interesting, i’m enjoying it for the most part. I’ve gotten to cut and dye hair so far and practice plenty on my creepy manikins. one thing I cannot seem to grasp though is how a lot of college kids are out partying all the time. between classes, homework and work I have just about zero time to do anything let alone go party all night. I’m required to wear black pants and black shirts for my cosmetology classes so my wardrobe is slowly becoming nothing but black. I am also supposed to have my hair and makeup done everyday so that I look like a professional. really I just look like I’m ready for a funeral in my opinion but whatever the teacher says goes right? I do actually like my instructor shes nice and goofy just uptight some days but I don’t blame her. my job isn’t very interesting currently other than a random trucker guy buying me a Minnie gallon of chocolate milk and fifty dollars going missing out of my wallet. another co worker of mine is now missing fifty dollars form her wallet too after working with the same person that I did so my boss is currently looking through camera footage to see if there is any proof of someone stealing. so I guess its a little interesting, I just hope we figure out who it is and get rid of them. oh and I have now lost about seventy some pounds since last august, go me! other than that life is pretty boring I basically just live in a constant state of hungry and tired.