1749 A Land Down Under.


I have found that the more I need time the more life tends to whip random little disasters at me to deal with. I expect this is just some form of bias rather than an actual phenomenon. The more I need to finish the more I notice all that I have to do. The trick is not to get overwhelmed by all the tings and just do all that you reasonably can. Looking at a mountain of tasks saps the will. A lot of people fall into the trap of looking at the big picture when they need to focus on small things and vice versa. I think most of us have to train ourselves or be trained to take things one task at a time.

When I started the comic I had to learn to just do a page, or a week of writing, or whatever, so I didn’t get all antsy about the entire thing.

Anyway, the long and short of all this is that I need to help the Teen move back in here and I have a lot of stuff I need to do. So it’s perfectly imperfect timing as usual. In any case I’ll get by like I always do.