675 Spear Attack.


EDIT:  What you see before you I what I was able to salvage after completely fucking up the site earlier.  I know the sidebar is broken.  I’ll be spending my free time tomorrow trying to fix it.  Just click the comic page and it will navigate you into the archive and you can see it unencumbered. I will repair everything even if it means learning CSS by the weekend.  I really don’t like not being able to run this place on my own.  Waiting for someone to have free time to help just doesn’t cut it.  Just from staring at the code for however many hours it’s been I’ve already started to understand the pattern of it.  At any rate, I don’t intend to let this mess up actually producing the comic.  I’ll just have to work harder.  As far as I can tell this little escapade has rendered the Internet Explorer navigation bug moot.  The crappy old navigation sucks, but it works.  So far on everything I’ve tried it on.

I would appreciate it if you guys would report any missing pages or bugs that you come across.  I couldn’t check the entire archive, I just had to go by what images were orphaned in the server.  Hopefully I found them all.   The original post that went with this page still exists.  It mutated into a blog post and there’s no way I can see to change it back now.  If you want to see the comments all you have to do is navigate into the blog under the regular blog.  Really, I’m lucky I walked away with the last few years of posts and comments intact.  If one post is all the more sacrifice the gods of code desire it’s a mercy.

Well someplace along the way I lost the newest page.  I’m getting closer to having things fixed, but the site’s insides are all fucked up.  I’m working furiously, but the interface is far from intuitive.  I was able to save a lot of stuff though, so that’s something.  This is the unfortunate downside to relying on other people when you need help.  When things fall apart, you are fucked.