1748 Damned Orcs.


When I was young movies all had a very us versus them attitude when it came to nerds and jocks. There was some of that in school but not in the cartoonish way that the movies of the time depicted it. Over time though, as the films continued to portray this narrative things did become more and more cartoonishly nerd versus jock. Generally though the groups just didn’t interact and didn’t really care what the other group did as long as it didn’t draw funds away from whatever each group wanted. For the most part the schools spent all the money on sports and sports related things and other groups had to raise money for themselves. That said, nerds really didn’t want money for much anyway. They just wanted to be left alone to debate why Wolverine was better than Batman. (he’s not by the way.)

For my part I only had an us versus them attitude when people tried to stop me from doing what I wanted. That only really happened a few times. I was built like someone who could sports, so I got approached a lot when I was younger. My extended family liked sports, but my mom and dad never pushed me to do anything I didn’t want to and I was shy and didn’t want to do anything. I also didn’t want to slam in to people over the matter of ball movement. What you do with your balls is your business and I still try to live that way.

I went to a very small school in grade and most of middle school, which made being me a lot harder than it was after we moved to a bigger town. Anonymity made my life much more bearable. Being nobody is much better than being the odd, arty, kid. After many many years I got over being a versus kind of person when I realized than nerds were just a bad, or worse, than any other group I understood that humans are still little tribal assholes and it’s very hard for us not to be.