1719 Dream Of Biting.


For someone like Carol roleplaying only has a limited amount of surface appeal. She likes being herself. She’s pleased with who she is, so life as herself makes her pretty happy. Reggie is actually similar in some ways. He’d want to be like himself but even more so. THis may be why she and Reggie get along so poorly. They are more similar than either would freely admit. Of course we’ve already seen what happens when offered the chance to be a different version of herself…

I bought a copy of Only Yesterday. A film I’d only seem once back in 1990something on AMC. It was during an anime film festival. Back then Anime was just beginning to grasp the American market by the scrote. If you’ve never seen it it’s a much more Japanese movie than other Studio Ghibli films. I know that sounds odd, but it’s more about real life in a way that doesn’t cross geographic barriers as well as Totoro, or what have you. It’s an animated drama. The kind of thing people just won’t spend money to make anymore. Anyway, if you have a chance it’s an amazing movie about very small, personal, things but worth watching, IMHO.