1718 Lucky Strike.


One of the problems of working on a Microsoft Surface is that it overheats seemingly at random. It’s not something that happens all the time, but every so often it gets completely out of control. Today was one of those days. The little fan inside it started up and would not stop no matter what I did to try and cool it down. My best guess is that it was working on updates in the background which must require a lot of thinky power.

Microsoft, like most companies now, don’t have tech support in any meaningful way. They have forums they use to trick other users in to doing tech support for free. A practice I very much despise. It you do that in addition to actual dedicated tech support that’s one thing, but the way things are now is just laughable. Almost every question you have leads you to a random forum post from a minimum of 4 years ago. It’s very frustrating. In concert with the internet’s need to feast on pageviews any search you do is a goose chase of copied articles and clickbait. The spectre of this device suddenly passing on looms ever over my life. At this point I could probably afford to replace it, but it would be painful financially. I’d rather not until I absolutely have to. It’s been a very stable device and paid for itself many times over since I purchased it.