1862 Clock King.


I could never go to my workplaces in my off hours because they would always try to rope me in to working. If not that then I would get asked questions and asked for advice, or other help, because I knew such a random assortment of information about everything. I also knew where everything was all the time because it’s just a weird talent I have. Even if I saw something out of place and didn’t stop to fix it I could remember the wrong placement without much effort. Not the most useful of skills in other areas of life, but in a store it can save a lot of time searching.

I know some people think it’s not that big a deal to get pulled in to work conversations when you’re off the clock, but at the same time everyone gets scolded for talking at work, so it kind of cuts both ways. In my experience it’s better to let people talk and be happy as long as they get the required tasks done. Happy people do a better job than browbeaten ones. Of course that means, as a manager, you have to exit the office from time to time and manage or even, god forbid, lead them. You don’t have to be everyone’s buddy, but you don’t have to be their enemy either. A balance between the two is good. Sometimes you have to bring down the hammer, sometimes you don’t. It’s something that not everyone is capable of learning.