1709 Get Over Here.


Edward uses vulnerability. It’s super effective!

I actually preordered Fire Emblem Echoes, but with life being what it is I only opened the box today to try it. It’s an updated version of the second game in the series, I think, and was a side story. It takes place across an ocean from the events of the original game, if memory serves. I never played the original version, but the cast appears in other games in other ways, so I wanted to play the remake. I also wanted the special edition version, but it sold out in the time it took me to find out about it going up for preorder and navigating to the website.

Just as a side rant, what’s the point of preorders if you don’t just keep taking them until you stop getting them? Take preorders for a while and then make that many things.

Anyway, it’s a lot more like a “traditional” rpg than the other games. The mechanics are different, but not bad or anything. In fact, I like it better in some ways. This particular version of the game is lovingly crafted. Most of the text is also read aloud to you as you play. You can tell they put effort in to the whole thing. There’s also a lot of DLC. Enough DLC that the extra content costs more than the game itself. It’s not a trend that I like in gaming. Not that the game is incomplete in any way. If you only play what you buy you get the entire original story, and you can pick and choose with the DLC, but still. It’s a very fine line between selling a complete game and holding content hostage in order to squeeze your fanbase.

At the very least I’m going to get the DLC that lets you cheat the level up system. The extra story stuff I’m not sure about. I found a lot of that kind of content tedious in the other games.

Up till now I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game on casual mode, but I think I’m going to with this one. Casual mode turns off the permanent death feature of the game so you don’t have to restart if you make a mistake. I just don’t have time for that sort of thing in my life anymore. Since it doesn’t punish you for playing that way I’m going to make use of it so I can actually finish the game with a reasonable level of time spent in it. I like the higher stakes feeling of normal mode, but that’s something for the idle youth now.

When I was at the doctor she decided to actually test my blood before drawing off a bunch of it. I have too much iron in my blood so they take some out every so often. The doctor thought that maybe I wouldn’t need to keep doing that but after they tested it I did. I also don’t bleed very well. They had to poke my finger tice just to get enough blood for the test, then they only got part of a jar of my blood when they did the thing. I feel like if they would actually take my emotional state in to account it would work better, but I also understand that they don’t have time to dawdle around with nervous patients.

The night before I must have twisted in a bad way as I slept. I haven’t had a problem with my sternum or back for quite a while, but whatever happened messed me up enough that I spent that entire day in pain and it has been coming and going since then. It’s murder on my hips to sleep on the floor, but it keeps my back and chest in line a lot better when I do.