1710 Chips.


Well, it took about two decades, but I finally watched the entire run of Allo Allo. They used to play the first few seasons on public television when I was in high school. Most of the cast are dead now, which makes it a little sad for the knowing. The casts for are those old shows are mostly gone now. They were older even when I watched them the first time and started dropping off in the 90s. I think Gordon Kaye, the man who played Rene in Allo Allo, died a couple of years ago. Time, as they say, marches on.

I’m kind of at loose ends now. I was watching the series as a way to wind down before bed. Now there’s a void. It’s hard to find shows and stuff that are low key enough to go to sleep to. A few of my podcasts are finished, or have changed too much to be any use in that resect as well. Content. There’s never enough. Never enough, but people still try to keep other people out. I like low key things. Of course I like other stuff too, but chill stories don’t pull in the people the way flash does. Anyway, I’m open to suggestions.

In other news, I’m on the cusp of having a buffer again. Only a day, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve had any at all. Little victories between failures.