1674 The Master.


This dude would be exasperating as a friend, in spite of being a pretty good person. I find angry Evrina really cute. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but there we are. She’s Nina’s big teefs sister.

They made a remastered version of StarCraft… I’m tempted, but when am I ever going to play it? If it’s anything like the sequel I’ll play it for a few hours and get sick of the various restrictions they added. Plus who knows if my old computer can handle it. I think I should resist my nostalgia and just accept that StarCraft is something in my past and not my future.

the teen needed a ride home today and she lives 30 minutes away now. BLEH. That’s too far. How do people dealing with being far from things they have to do every day? It’s so annoying. She’s poor now and wants me to beg you guys for pity and support. XD Questionable life choices… When you have even less money than me then you’re really poor. I’m just a little bit past the point of not having to file a tax return. I bought her some clothes and food because… I’m dumb? Too kind? Something. I don’t think she’s enjoying adulthood as much as she anticipated.