1623 Flabs.


When I was younger I was very critical of average intelligence. As I’ve grown older I’ve seen that intelligence is a burden. The smarter you are the more likely you are to work out the dark machinations the world has in store for you before they arrive. It looks to me like living in the moment, and not thinking deeply is the happier way to be. No one expects too much from the average. If you’re smart everyone expects you to do so much more. Well, when people aren’t simultaneously hating intelligence, facts, data, or whatever. As long as your smarts are helping them not die, while also not inconveniencing them, they love that shit.
I’m sure I’ve said this before, but Maddison is a specific type of average. She’s aware that she doesn’t know things and actively wants help, or listens to people’s advice willingly, most of the time. That’s the best kind of dim wittedness. It’s the kind that exists in the film Idiocracy. People are aware that they are dumb and need help more often than not in that movie. What we have in the US right now is the worst kind of dim wittedness, which is the kind that thinks it’s smart, but is not. The kind that looks at 20 years of data and says “fuck you and your research, it still snows so the world can’t be getting hotter!” Or maybe the kind that has a child that is developmentally disabled and falsely correlates vaccines as the cause when reputable data points to no correlation. Then spends the next couple of decades facilitating the return of diseases that haven’t been a threat since the 50s.
Of course you can’t point your finger at those sort of people and just tell them they’re being stupid. They won’t listen. You just have to tell everyone else and hope you can mitigate the damage they are hell bent on doing. Ignorance you can’t reason with is fruitless to engage face to face. You need to find a third face and show that face the stupid face, so they know not to be like that face.
People tend to forget the mitigation of damage in that equation. Take the US election, for example, the best we can do now is constantly mitigate the damage that is going to be done. We’re going to have to watch that clown car every damn day for the next four to eight years just to make sure they don’t try to strip away rights we take for granted. It’s going to be brutal and exhausting. Not paying attention to it is a luxury we no longer have. Freedom of speech has already been threatened aggressively and the chair in the oval office isn’t even vacated yet…

I gotta tell you, today hurt. I knew it was going to but hoped it wouldn’t. Today was that day after you pull a muscle where it hurts the most before being less painful the next day for my whole body. I stayed up extra late yesterday to finish this page because I was afraid I was going to be useless today. It was a wise move. Most of the day it has felt like someone was trying to rip my left arm out of its socket. It’s always been my holding arm for drawing so it’s nopt abnormal for it to hurt, but man… I’ve had out my rollyback chair and everything. Tomorrow I should be more like normal again. Which is good because I’m going to have to take the teen to school at the ass crack of dawn, in the freezing cold. The spare tire seems to be fine so hopefully it holds out until I can buy a new set. The ones I have are about a decade old and have served me well. It’s time to send them to their reward. Which I assume is fire? Something not very rewarding if we’re honest. I feel like I heard that they grind old tires up sometimes, but I can’t remember what for…