1976 The Smell Of Nerds.


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13th birthday

1976 is the year I was born. on the 20th of this month I will be 43 & the comic will be 13. John Candy died at 43 in 1994 on March 4th the year I graduated from high school. I’m so close to beating this comedy legend in the game of not dying he didn’t know he was participating in with me. In my favor I have the fact that I’ve never smoked or drank alcohol, although I do have morbid obesity dragging me towards the grave. Still, I think my chances are good. I may never eclipse his genius, but I’ll get to be mediocre for longer. Cold comfort to be sure, but I’ll take what I can get.

I put on weigh over the holidays so the doctors put me on a statin to lower my cholesterol. I’d been managing it really well for my size until last year, but it finally caught up to me. If I lost weight I could probably get off of it, but I haven’t had any success with that so far, so signs point to this being the new normal. I have increased my fiber intake quite a bit at least after having fallen off for quite some time & I felt better within a week, so perhaps getting back to my old high fiber diet will continue to produce positive results.

I’ve been implementing stretching to try and keep myself loose, but so far it seems like I’m doing more damage than good. After two weeks of low impact movement & whatnot I still hurt all over most of the time. The old body doesn’t spring back the way it used to. On the other hand I can work almost as fast as I could five years ago, so maybe I’ll catch up on all the stuff I’m supposed to complete eventually. On a good day I can complete a page in a couple of sittings. Half in the morning half before bed. Not as good as just knocking one out, but improvement. And they look pretty good, so it’s not just barfing up trash quickly. A decent balance of speed and quality.

I hesitate to express positivity in fear of things crashing down to spite me though…