1618 Go Set A Watchman.


Thomas can’t accept chaos. He’s certainly not alone in that, but standing against it is, on some level, a futile pursuit. Finding the level of preparedness you need to live happily is difficult for some people, but important, and the quicker you figure it out the better. Control is incredibly valuable to a lot of people. Figuring out how to gain, maintain, and exert control is the prime pursuit in their lives. On some level humans love being controlled, but some of us resist it even when it’s in our best interest. It’s a constant struggle. From the very small to the extremely powerful on the world stage.

I’ve gotten on a kick of watching true crime documentaries, which aren’t uplifting, but they give me the same feeling of learning new things that more positive shows do. On the whole I’d rather be watching better stuff, but after one layer in youtube gets crazy pretty quick. You can look for documentaries, find one that seems reasonable, and five minutes in they’re explaining why the government is run by lizard people. That’s an disheartening level of time spent before detecting crazy. True crime tends to be relatively crazy free in the sense that they just tell you about a terrible thing that happened. Although you sometimes get one that wants to explain why Charles Manson wasn’t such a bad guy after all… While I can sympathize with him on the level that he had a bad childhood I still think he should rot in jail thill he breathes his last along with all of this acolytes.

There is a lot of content from A&E stolen on youtube. Tons of which I watched years ago. I go through these times of watching true crime stuff every so often, but I rarely come away feeling like it was time well spent. There’s just a limit to how many times a person can watch the IT Crowd before you have to change the tone.

I watched a lot of Angry Game Nerd stuff then Board James, then landed on true crime. I actually hate AVGN up until much more recent episodes. It took him a long time to go from irritating to watchable. That said, it makes my habit of checking to see if I still hate something every so often seem like a better practice than it usually does. I think I’m always going to hate Italian food, but I eventually came around on AVGN. Who would have guessed?