1131 Devil Fruit.


So yeah, we were out shopping and things ran long. I didn’t think it was gonna be a big deal, so I didn’t preupload the page. Anyway, here it is now. Jess and Jo are being pretty adorable, so that’s fun.

I changed the voting link a little. You can see it in the same place taking up more space. Maybe more people will click it, maybe not. If there’s one thing I learned in retail it’s that no sign is big enough for everyone to see it.

I’m already up to the last season of Avatar. It must have been total bullshit having to wait to watch these when they first aired. After every episode I’m like WHAT HAPPENS TO IROH NEXT!? Or whoever is in danger, or whatever. I really want Iroh to be the guy who really gets Aang to firebend properly. I will accepts Zuko too. I suppose maybe he might know enough already, but I want there to be a part where he learns it better and it would be super cool if that was the way. Guess I’ll see what happens. Also, I lost my shit when Toph learned to bend metal, partly because it was awesome and partly because it addressed a problem I had with earthbending; which was ‘why can’t they bend metal?’

Just so you know, I’m already working on the next part of the adventures of Julius Drywood, in addition to editing the first part. So take heart those who look forward to that story. I’m tinkering away even now.