1617 Webslinger.


I think it would be fair to say that on some level Nina is jealous of Carol. Maybe she’ll stop feeling that way as her relationship with Ed evolves. There is an undercurrent there though, of wanting what Carol has. The kind that would fester in other people but she manages to work through. I wonder what the story would be like if she had decided she wanted Thomas all along.

I’m watching this documentary about a terror attack in Norway and, putting aside the misery of it, it’s weird to hear the language spoken and how much of it sounds enough like English, or languages I have a faint grasp of, that I can get the gist of what they are saying sometimes. There are a lot of loan words in Norwegian apparently. I’m not sure which direction it goes but they are plentiful. I ended up watching this after watching one about a terror attack in England. Hungerford? Something like that. Anyway, the Norwegian one was very much like the OKC bombing. Car bomb outside a government building, then a rampage on a youth retreat. Anyway, looking at the two attacks you can see that the kind of people who do those sorts of things share a lot of personality traits.
Also watched a video about the history of the NRA. It was very enlightening. Their version of their history and the reality of it are very different. I think if gun owners researched the organization’s history they might not want them as the face of their hobby.
In America you rarely hear news about other countries except in passing. We generally don’t care about the rest of the world in any real sense. American smiles are, by and large, lies. As a people we are very two faced. I don’t know if it was always this way and I was too naïve to notice, or if it started happening over time and I never noticed. I find it very disappointing.

They added in some mini games with that Animal Crossing update and one of them uses amiibos. It’s this surprisingly complex strategy game about getting off of an island with 3 animals you choose. Each kind of animlals has a special power. Using the powers effectively is really fun. I actually made a little team of animals I like so I can play through the whole thing. Nintendo could have sold the game separately I think for a low price, but I’m glad they included it in the update for free.
There’s also a puzzle league game in there now too, but I’m not very good at it past the 5th level. I’m not sure what I need to do to be fast enough to win. In any case it makes these amiibo cards seem much more loke a reasonable purchase than they did for a long time. Especially with how disappointing Amiibo Festival was. They need to update that game to make it more like a game and not just a virtual board game…

An animal moved in to my town from my alt town and stuck his house right in my commercial district. So I used the amiibo ghost to kick him out. HAHAHAHAHAH! Now there will be a way to boot villagers who pull that crap forever! Stupid lion, ruining my perfectly curated paths…