1610 All The Dicks.


I just found out that Lego Dimensions is going to have a Beetlejuice level. I don’t know what they’re going to do with that, but I’m excited to see it. Lego Dimensions is mostly masturbatory nostalgia milking, but it’s a good time. You can tool around in little areas based on stuff you like. No big deal. It’s just casual fun. I got to play the Harry Potter level the other day and it was great. It loops the HP theme and you can wander around various HP locations. I could never get in to the harry potter games when they were being made. They never drew me in. Dimensions strips away the need to slavishly adhere to the plot and just lets you experience a little slice of the lore.

I’m certainly not a huge Beetlejuice fan, but I did enjoy the movie and watched the cartoon from time to time. It came from that golden time before Tim Burton became too constant in our culture. I also really like the idea of having a little Lego Beetlejuice, and hopefully Lydia Deets. Although a tiny Alec Baldwin and/or Geena Davis wouldn’t be bad either. I really only know that the gate exists. I haven’t seen anything else, so I don’t know what the actual level pack or team pack might be. I’m probably going to go look it up before I go to bed just to see if any information exists.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing how well they did Adventure Time. That show seems perfect for the Lego treatment in that the geography of the world already sort of seems like it would look like a dimensions free roaming area. As far as I knoe the only playable characters are LSP, Finn, and Jake, but I hope they do Marcy, Bubblegum, and Ice King at some point.

I was really in to Gremlins as a kid so I hope they do a good job with that. All I know it you can be Gizmo and a gremlin ( Stripe, I think ) but it’s not like there were a plethora of memorable characters to pull from that particular lore.

I haven’t been able to play a long game in quite some time. If I can’t pick it up and put it down in a few minutes I don’t get to play it, so this kids game is a nice shot of nostalgia to soothe my nerves from time to time. Although it’s buggy as shit and is the only game that hard freezes my WiiU. I actually have to unplug the console when it does it. Total BS.

Anyway that’s all I want to talk about right now. You guys have a good one.

Teen Corner
Hello internet comic world. It’s been awhile since I’ve made an appearance so I figured it was about time. School has been crazy and very stressful. Drama has been making its way into my senior year more and more each day. A whole lot of he said she said is going around and not gonna lie it’s been getting to me a little. I’m really tired of everyone acting like we are 12 rather than 18. Along with the drama has been plenty of assignments and tests. I’m taking 3 college classes if I haven’t already mentioned that. Government, speech and composition 1. Speech is a breeze mostly, my information is good but my delivery is not quiet perfected yet. That has not stopped me from getting A’s and B’s on all my speeches. Government is a bit more rough. The assignments aren’t to bad but the tests are hard enough that I’ve gotten a 60 something on both of them so far. Although politics and such make a bit more sense than they did before. Comp. is great, it is tough but my writing is really improving and I’m learning more about the different types and styles of writing along with grammar tips. My teacher said my last essay was nearly flawless so that made me happy oddly enough. Being an adult isn’t nearly as fun as I expected. So far I’ve managed to fail at writing checks, mess up my voting ballot and spend to much money rather than budgeting it. I went to a five finger death punch concert in Denver and it was absolutely amazing. If you were unaware ffdp is my favorite band. Sixx a.m and shine down were also there and they were great. It was an amazing experience and a well deserved break from school. The drug doctor has put me on new medications and my moods have been slightly more stable but I have also been have random crying fits. So that has been fun. I went from fake crying and joking to legitimately crying because I don’t even know it just randomly happened. Teenage mood swings are the greatest. I’m trying to avoid boys and focus on school this year but I have a few crushes. I’m staying strong though boys are trouble! Anyways I think I’ve about caught you guys up on all the new and “interesting” things in my life. Talk to you next time I remember to make an appearance!