1609 Marked.


I watched all the family guy on Netflix. It gets really mean spirited the further along it goes. Now I guess I’m going to watch American Dad. Because… I don’t know, maybe deep down I hate myself and this feels like punishment? Seriously though, of the various McFarlandverse shows I think the Cleveland Show actually had the most heart. Or maybe it was just easier to take because not every fucking voice was McFarlane.

I also watched a lot of shows about murder. I’m not sure what the tipping point is as far as mental health vs murder shows goes, but I think I got pretty fucking close.

I was trying to get original StarCraft onto my surface, but I couldn’t get the disc image thing to work. I also couldn’t find the expansion disc, which I know I have someplace. I need to just break down and get a USB disc drive so I don’t have to do a bunch of crap just to install things onto this fancy sheet of paper I work on.

I really wanted to make some more of those Halloween pics but couldn’t find the time. Maybe i’ll just make them til December because thanksgiving sucks anyway…