1605 What Does The Scouter Say!?


Her new hoodie started out more like a cat, but the mask part made it look more like a raccoon, so I kind of split the difference and it’s not really one or the other. The inspiration for it comes from several similar sorts of things I’ve seen online. Generally they have soft ears that lose their shape but I think these must have some plastic tubing inside to give them some rigidity. In any case it would probably be expensive, even though it’s small enough for Jo to wear.

I have continued the Halloween witch series. This time it’s Jess and she’s wearing something that very much fits her personality. I got the inspiration for her costume from someone mentioning an old movie called Transylvania 6-5000. I hadn’t thought about it in years but I remembered Jeff Goldblum being in it and Geena Davis. At some point Davis starts wearing a vampire outfit that shows a similar amount of skin. I was at a good age when I first saw it for it to leave an impression. I also crossbred it with an outfit Raquel Welch wore on an episode of Mork and Mindy.

YouTube suggested a video about Gamestop horror stories the other day. I don’t know why, but I watched it. It was horror stories in the “this business has terrible management and ethics” way, rather than ghosts. In any case it was wild because the stories were so similar to my experiences with the company. When I started we were an EB Games and things were really good. Then Gamestop was purchased by EB and things went bad. Very bad. The acquisition of Gamestop was weird because it was the smaller company, but what actually happened was that Gamestop ate EB from the inside out like a parasite. The old EB management was slowly let go over the course of a few months and replaced with new people, or gamestop employees. Gamestop has a bad habit of hiring people from other industries into positions of power. What this means is that those people have the wrong set of skills and mindset for selling games. the guy who oversaw our district manager worked for Pizza Hut. So he enacted policies like making sure the windows were always clean. Because in a restaurant you sell more food if the place looks clean and windows are something people unconsciously judge that by. That’s just a single example but it was much worse. Basically the whole thing threw the EB employees under the bus right down the line. Before that time I thought Hastings had terrible management, but Gamestop tripled down on that shit. By the time I was ready to leave I was the most broken down I’d ever been in my life up to that point.
Essentially the travesty that was working for Gamestop is what led me to making Between Failures. I’ve held a grudge against the company ever since, and if youtube is any indication I’m not alone. I basically spent all of last night listening to people tell their tales of woe while I was working. I always sort of felt like maybe it was just me and I was imagining things were worse than they were, but hearing other people tell the same stories made me feel better about that time in my life.