1604 Twigg.


Jolene’s family story hasn’t been fully explained. She has mentioned a bit here and there. I can’t remember every place exactly. I kind of wish I’d thought to make note of stuff like that, but it’s just one more thing a person can’t squeeze in to all the other stuff.

Speaking of other stuff, I have another Halloween image in the pipeline. As usual there are unfortunately outside influences keeping me from getting to it. I did get as far as a sketch at least. I’d actually like to do one for every cast member, but I’m not sure what to do about the boys. Cute witches are easy to come up with, but a male equivalent is not. How do you make a sexy wizard? There’s a range of styles for witches, but with dudes it’s monks, or old monks, basically. Maybe I can just do it Fire Emblem style and make the male witches essentially the same as the female ones…

Anyway, the teen in in town and I have to go pick her up. So I’ll see yous guys later.