1597 Criminality.


In case you’ve already forgotten what these two are up to.

Back when my friends and I were harboring dreams of being filmmakers camera equipment was insanely expensive. We were slightly to early for the revolution that brought really cost effective consumer cameras. There was never enough memory, or tape, or cords. Or there was no standardization for video compression, or any number of things we could never get over. We also hadn’t all learned that production of content is more important than quality. So we were held back by fears of being terrible. We were, but that doesn’t matter as much as you think it does in reality. In fact, people love terrible things all the time. Jolene even said as much once… Doing something in spite of not being good at it has worked out for me. At least more so than doing nothing would surely have.
People spend hours and hours watching people play video games. Spectating is a big part of life and some people would rather watch a feed of minecraft than football. Nobody knew that was something people would watch, but someone did it and here we are. I watch the daily vlog of a guy called Adam The Woo. All he does is wander around and explore the world at large. In a van. Somehow the combination of his personality and choice of subject matter resonates with me. I don’t like travel shows about fancy places like they put on TV, but I watch this weirdo tool around the US. If you visit his channel and like it tell him I sent you.
Anyway, you never know what people will like. If you have the means to try an idea give it a shot. You might get lucky and find a new thing to do with your life.

I got a guest comic the other day that was so funny I almost ran it today because it was a scene break. I guess I’m going to keep it in the chamber in case of emergency, but if any of you know someone, or are someone, looking for a little exposure for your comic I’ll always accept guest submissions. If I get enough I might run a week of them so I can maybe build my buffer back up and get a little rest.