584 Let’s Do Something.


I saw a commercial for a game called Max & The Magic Marker, I think, the other day for Wiiware.  I don’t know if any of you know about it, or even care, but it looks like the natural evolution of Crayon Physics.  You have to get a kid from point A to point B instead of a ball, but the idea is essentially the same.  I haven’t researched it, but I hope it’s the same guys who made Crayon Physics…  Since it’s basically their idea.

That said, if I had extra munnies around I’d totally get it because it’s a game where you draw, and I like to draw.  XD  Except when it’s Drawn To Life, because those games suck.

Also Megaman 10 has to come first, after Pokemon Soul Silver…  Soooooo it looks like Max is dicked for a while.

I only got the Transformers one because I have Christmas iTunes money that you can’t use for anything but that.  Which is kind of good in a way because it forces me to buy things to keep me from going mental.  If you don’t force me to do that stuff I’ll usually just pour whatever funds I get into the pool and I never convince myself to do anything with it.  Or at least it takes me years to convince myself to.  XD

I’ve been waking up with these images of stuff I was dreaming about but I lose them moments after I become awake.  Which I understand is how it’s supposed to work.  That said, I’m kind of curious about them since I’m used to it being either all or nothing with dreams.  I know that my perpetual failing on Fire Emblem is having an affect, along with the eerily similar Transformers game, because I’ve woken up with music in my head related to either or both recently.

I don’t know if any of you run websites, but there’s a kind of spam comment that is made up of bits of text from books with suspicious links stuck in.  I check the spam folder from time to time because sometimes the filter thinks regular comments are spam.  Anyway, recently I’ve noticed that the text they’ve been using is from a book I’ve actually read.  Which is hard to do because I really haven’t read a lot of actual books.  Shocking I know…  It’s been bits of text from a book called A Spell For Chameleon, if I remember the title right.  One of two books I’ve read by that author.