1596 Live A Little.


Wes is a classic example of someone who can be wrong and right at the same time.

The Teen never gets whatever slimes she uses to clean herself off of the floor of the tub when she’s done showering. I damn near killed myself from slipping on it more than once, so I finally ordered some grip tape to put on the floor of the tub. I don’t really like having something there, but better that than ending up paralyzed at the bottom of the damn thing, slowly expiring.
I’ve never shopped for the stuff, so I didn’t know what to call it to look it up. There isn’t one naming convention. I call it grip tape because it reminds me of the stuff you put on skateboards. The stuff I got is called safety walk tub and shower tread… Which makes sense, but its a bit wordy. In any case, it’s clear strips you cut yourself, so it’s nicer looking than those gaudy flower decals that were popular when I was little.

Every so often I like to scavenge Ebay for really cheap stuff I want or need. The other day I found a listing for a Lego Monster Fighters set that was partially built because it was from an estate sale. It’s not like I’ve never bought stuff from estate sales, but it was really weird because the set was literally half finished. 50% was still in the sealed bags and the rest had been assembled. The person died before completing the project… How sad is that? I actually have unopened tiny sets that I got on clearance. I buy them so I can have something to open and mess with when I feel trapped. If I just dropped dead there would be this little pile of unopened lego sets that I never got to enjoy. I don’t know who owned the set last, but I hope they know that I intend to enjoy it as much as I can for them too. If anything ever happens to me I hope my family has enough sense to give my stuff to people who will enjoy it properly.

The Microsoft Surface does not have a really great way to keep its stylus handy. I may have spoken about it before. It has magnets all over it that can dock with the thing, but it’s so easy to knock it off without noticing. You get a little loop of fabric and plastic with the thing, but the adhesive gives up pretty fast. It’s not quality. The replacement loops are $15 because… assholes? The loop itself is actually pretty solid, so instead of trying to get a new one I went on a quest for a quality adhesive tape I could replace the old stuff with every time it fails. My first purchase was 3M sticky tabs. They worked a little, but they fail after about 3 days depending on how hot the Surface gets and other factors. I decided to find something better after I lost my stylus for an hour in the house when it fell off at random. This time I bought a roll of vinyl tape by Gorilla Glue. It’s strong, outdoor use, mounting tape. So far the fucking loop is stuck on there so hard it doesn’t shift at all. So, mission complete.

I’ve had a lot of tape related issues recently. It’s weird how stuff like that happens all at once sometimes. Whenever I buy something to repair a single thing, and I have some leftover, I get a little obsessed with wanting to fix similar things to use up the remaining stuff. it’s not like tape goes bad, but I just get stuck on the idea of fixing. So I’ve been looking for things to stick to other things. I haven’t found anything else, but at the rate I’m going I may end up taping the dogs together to make some kind of Cerberus…