1588 Realiteam.


When Thomas tells everyone the sky is falling he’s kind of doing it to prepare everyone for the worst, but also hoping that everyone else will tell him he’s wrong. Like the tenth Doctor, he doesn’t want to go. Even though he’s not as happy as he wants to be he’s safe in his comfortable world, which is as good as most people will ever get. To lose Nina would be truly heartbreaking for him. They have been through the most together. Before everyone else they were the two new hires in a store that was very adversarial to its employees, but together they survived. They are the heart and soul of the team. The pillars that everything else is built on. Losing either of them would throw the entire system into chaos. I lived through that sort of thing so many times when I was in retail until, eventually, I was one of the pillars. When I left I watched my former section deteriorate into a nearly unrecognizable mess. Even though it wasn’t mine anymore it was sad to watch unfamiliar faces wash in and out of my old position. When I left Hastings the there were still a few people that I considered pillars of the store left behind, but they all eventually fell away too. Some in ways more sad than others. The only one left when the announcement came that the stores were closing was the book manager. She was there before I came along and stayed for the entire rest of the store’s time. We were never friends the way Thomas and Nina are, but I very much valued the fact that she was dependable. She took books seriously. Maybe even too seriously for the store she was in, but her section was almost always the best kept in the entire store. Whenever I came back in she would always tell me everything that happened since I left. I heard about all the stuff that was going on through her up until the last couple of years. Since I got sick I couldn’t get out that way anymore, so I don’t know the final chapters of the saga. I should try and look her up so I can find out how everything finally ended.