1587 Grave Digger.


Oh man, I am so tired. I didn’t get to sleep properly and now I’m so tired I can’t sleep. What a bullshit feeling. I’m gonna rest. You guys discuss whatever you like on the comments, ok?

I kind of forgot to drink enough water for two days, I think. I used to always carry a glass with me before I was sick, but since I’ve had the swelling foot I got out of that habit because I’m only supposed to drink a certain amount. Sometimes I just forget to drink enough and I get dehydrated and sick. Sicker than normal at any rate. I need to get a 2 liter bottle and just keep it full all day so I know I’ve had enough by the end. The toe part of my foot is more normal now, but the main part that got damaged is still swollen, but it’s not as angry and red, so I think the vessels are finally starting to heal. The leg itself is almost always normal unless I eat too much salt in a day. I’ve turned to different seasonings, but if I eat stuff that’s preserved too much I go over the amount I should have. That said, I can drink soup without it swelling up now. I mean like a bullion cube in water. I’ve started putting crushed red pepper on most things because it kind of distracts me from the bland taste of most food without salt. I hate the little seeds in it though. Hopefully I can find a brand that is seedless. I’ve always wanted to learn about how spices work so I could season things without salt. At least less salt than is popular, and sugar too while I’m at it. I did learn that if you put a chunk of potato in salty food while you cook it it will draw out the salt somehow. Although then you have a salty chunk of potato to deal with…

The problem with most food is that it doesn’t keep very well without salt. The stuff that does requires time and effort to cook. Time is the premium article. I think that a eating dried beans and rice would be a good way to eat more healthily since you just have to keep them dry. then you just have to prepare them in a way that tastes good with a minimum of salt. I think a person could cook them all night and then have them in the morning/afternoon to eat. The Teen is clearly sick of being in charge of cooking, so devoting a little time to sorting out new ways to eat is probably worth it so I don’t have to deal with her being annoyed. The up side of beans is that if I eat them that’s it. No room for anything else and no desire to graze for hours. Of course the Teen will probably hate anything I try which will be a whole other bullshit thing to deal with…
Dad hates spicy food and the Teen was raised on food that was always inundated in salt and spice. So she thinks everything we used to eat tastes like nothing. Basically no one in the family likes to eat anything the others do, so it’s a big fucking mess all the time. I’m thinking that maybe I can make a plain base that they can each season to their liking. Maybe make a sauce that can be added after the main part is done. Then the bitching will be cut down as much as possible.
Right now we’re eating a lot of hamburger helper, which is basically like poison over a long period of time. Pasta and cheese with meat every day isn’t great. Anyway, since mom is going to be looking after my nephew for… I assume the rest of his life, there needs to be a plan, and I’m the only one likely to come up with one.