1570 Ground Rule.


If this blog cuts off suddenly it because the storm knocked out the internet.

Patricia is not the sort to ruminate over her past mistakes. It’s all just part of the adventure. I’ve always lamented that I was never able to play much D&D. It seems like something that I would have enjoyed a lot more if I’d been able to get further in to it. The few games I did play were a lot of fun, even though we dicked around a lot and didn’t have enough people to really make it seem like a full game to me. Five seems like the ideal number in my mind. Four players and a DM. Maybe that’s from reading Knights Of The Dinner Table. Right now I can barely find the time to do the things I need to do, so contemplating finding people to play with is ridiculous.
There are other role playing games out there too. They don’t get nearly as much press, but D&D has been around forever and has a huge company behind it now. A few years ago it was a big thing in webcomics to podcast D&D sessions. The most popular ones were actually sponsored by… Hasbro I think, who owns it now? Hasbro owns the biggest nerd things at the moment if memory serves. Pok√©mon TCG, Magic, D&D, Star Wars toys, Transformers, ect. So they have money to burn on making sure the market survives.
The teen says that one of her friends plays Magic and I should ask if I ever want to play a game. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I certainly remember playing against middle aged dudes when I was in High School, so apparently that’s just how the world is. Kind of like FPS games where every age range gets in on things. There aren’t as many boundaries for age and enjoyment of things anymore. You can play video games from cradle to grave and only the most out of touch people will give you shit about it. Which says a lot more about them than you.
The other day someone posted a pic that said “clitoris? What pokemon is that?” On one of the social media things I use and it just seemed ridiculous to me. The world that created that mindset simply does not exist anymore. Nerds won the culture war. all the shit we said was awesome for decades was proven to be awesome and now no one can deny it. We’re even starting to get actual fans of things directing movies so they fully understand the franchises before they start. Maybe someday they’ll actually make a D&D movie that isn’t a stinking pile. Anything can happen in this nerdtopia.