1571 Ameliorate.


Okay, before I forget, I need to take care of some admin with you guys. At the end of every month I usually lose a few Patreon supporters, then get a few throughout the month. That’s just how things go. People need the money for more important things, or are unhappy with me, whatever. In any case, a couple of big ones left last month, who had supported me well above the minimum, so it’ll take a lot more little pledges to make up for them. I need about 20 new patrons to get back to where I was. Or any combination of amounts that gets to about $20. Ideally more than 20 will be tempted, but I’d be please just to maintain what I have. I’m changing up how my patreon works so I can actually get back to being ahead of the game instead of constantly struggling just to get the regular pages done. First of all, when you sign up you can get a sketch of yourself, or whatever, to use as an avatar on social media, or what have you. If you don’t have any use for that you can have a sketch of something random. You just have to provide reference materials. It’s explained in the sign up thing. Before this point I allowed people to have a new sketch every month, but there’s just too many people now. I can’t constantly do sketches AND make the comic, which defeats the point of the Patreon in the first place. So I’m going to do at least one bonus comic a month on Patreon. If this frees up enough time, and I don’t backslide health wise, I’ll do 3 a month. I just have to see what I’m physically capable of. I know I can do at least one, so I’m setting the bar low, just in case. They’ll be black and white, and in a more traditional 3 panel format. If time permits though I may add color, or make them larger. Additionally, they won’t be important to the ongoing story. They’ll just be stupid jokes that I couldn’t fit in to the actual comic. Also, if you really want an extra sketch, or whatever, just ask. If I can fit it into the day I’ll do it. I can’t put it first on my schedule, but I appreciate the support and will eventually get it to you. Think of that as just a bonus thing you have as an option when you support me. As long as nobody abuses it I’ll keep doing it. I’ve always let people have sketches if they asked, even before Patreon was a thing and still want to be there if you guys want one.
Anyway, that brings the stuff you get as a patron to: A sketch when you sign up, one monthly bonus strip (possibly 3), an update to the fantasy world of Julius Drywood, and the actual comic Between Failures which is why you’re here in the first place. A dollar gets you all the things. If you want to pledge more you can, but I like to keep everyone equal as far as who gets to enjoy the content. If you pledge a really large amount I will, however, give your requests and such special priority because guilt will force me to do so. I hate to make bringing up Patreon a regular thing, but if I don’t people never take notice, and I honestly need to keep the level of support at what it is right now, or better. The loss of big chunks of support demand action.

For those of you who can’t support me monetarily don’t feel bad. The adds still make up part of my income. Just reading the comic is helping. If you want to do more than that then reblog it, tweet, write a post someplace, or whatever. People underestimate how useful that sort of thing can be. Even if you only ever get one person to read the comic there’s 1500+ pages for them to get through. Since my comic isn’t just a series of jokes strung together it’s way harder to get people to start. It’s also really hard to advertise since it’s hard to sum up in a handful of words. A bazillion people read homestuck, which is an insane collection of chat logs, combined with an art style that has no business being popular, and a story that frankly makes no fucking sense, and I loved it. I know there are others out there who would enjoy Between Failures. It’s just a matter of finding a way to reach them.
As long as I’m talking about this stuff I know a portion of you want me to do an erotic comic with various cast members. Everybody seems to think that Slipshine will publish any old porn that comes along, but I assure you it doesn’t work that way. They have a set of standards and you have to meet certain requirements that I don’t think I do. I honestly don’t know for sure what the requirements are, or how their compensation works. There needs to be a level of demand for the product that I don’t think exists. If you think there is then you need to be vocal about it. Tell me what you want, and why you want it, so I can make a case for myself if I ever do get to a point where I could actually create such a thing. I can’t read your minds. You have to give me some indication of what it is you actually want. Plus, I don’t know what is on Slipshine apart from a few random things that people have posted on image boards. I don’t know what they publish for sure. I’ve always just assumed that whatever I made wouldn’t be it. Anyway, I just thought I’d mention that too since I get comments about that sort of thing from time to time.