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There exists part of an old story I wrote ages ago that I think would be a good base for Jo’s movie. I might have to alter it a bit but I think I have enough for it to make sense within the framework of the comic. If I were more skilled I’d probably make a comic version of that movie concurrently, so you guys could see a completed story of what she ends up making, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to. Then again, you never know. Maybe I’ll get to a point where I feel well enough to do such a thing. I’d do that one in black and white, and keep it at regular print dimensions though. That would make it much easier to print up later, compared to Between Failures; where I just made it however I wanted after the first two stories, I think, and it’s random and hard to format.
I’ve got such a backlog of stuff to do already this is really just mental preparation for some future that might happen after I get all that done.

I went to the doctor today and they took a jug of blood. It was thick and hard to get out of me, even though I tried to drink plenty of water. She told me that I need to stay hydrated, but not too hydrated, and that the drugs I’m on may contribute to my heat sensitivity. That said, my foot actually went back to being foot shaped after… I have no idea how long. It still swells up when I do certain things, but it returns to footness after a bit now. I’ve reduced my intake by quite a bit and there are no longer as many bad foods in the house, so I can’t get all crazy and graze at night, or whatever. Mom, the Teen, and I have also agreed that we only get one day for special food now, which is how it was before the Teen moved in with us. The results have been pretty obvious. What with the foot and all. So things are looking up hopefully.