1532 Master Blaster.


I was certain I’d used this title before, but apparently I never have. It seems so obvious, maybe that’s why I thought I had. I checked though.
Eagle eyed readers will recognize the beanbag as Jo’s nemesis from page 741. It’s one of my favorite moments in the comic with Jo. It also leads to Jess passively asking her out. She plays it like it’s just casually going for food, but in retrospect…
It’s kind of fun to think about what might have happened if she never borrowed that camera. She might have ended up bonding with Ed more, or in a different way. It’s safe to say that she’s attracted to both of the twins, but Ed is so much more reserved I don’t think he would ever have made a move on her. He may not have even looked at her in that way since he’s always been so drawn to Nina. Jo might have ended up with John too, although I like him finding himself drawn to Alex more. Since he’s a bit shallow it makes it more fun to write him trying to figure out being attracted to someone who isn’t his “type”.
It would have been really fun to pair Jo with Mike. They would have been an adorable couple, and it would have been a real problem for Mike since he’s the manager. With Carol and Thomas they’re technically equal as far as the store hierarchy goes, so the question of coercion isn’t as big a deal if things go wrong. They don’t have any power over each other, although Thomas defaults to her being in charge because he prefers not being in control, or responsible for making choices. I wrote some ideas for Reggie and Jo being a thing, but ultimately decided not to do it. I think it could have been really good especially in light of some of the future stuff that’s coming, but it never seemed to play out right. I think they could be good friends again, but something about them doesn’t seem to work right wen you pair them off. I feel like at best they could go as far as a drunken mistake, except Reggie wouldn’t get drunk and he’d also never have sex with a drunk girl, as it goes against his code. Something would have to happen that made him want to get drunk first and engineering the whole thing would have been a mess. At the same time I never take any idea off the table. You don’t always know what characters will want to do until they’re sitting on a park bench in the rain, so to speak.