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I’ve been watching Are You Afraid Of The Dark and Goosebumps TV shows while I’m doing stuff, or while the Teen makes me stay in the same room with her while she does something else. I wasn’t a fan of Goosebumps as a kid, but I did watch a couple episodes of AYAOTD. I wasn’t really a fan, but I appreciated the attempt at good storytelling. As the seasons progressed the framework of the Midnight Society began to have continuity, which made it easier for me to become emotionally invested in the narrative outside of the spooky stories. I’m always looking for well told legends. Particularly ghost stories, but I like paranormal stuff of all kinds. Unfortunately the modern style of presenting theses tales does not agree with me. I can tolerate some A&E/HistoryChannel/Discovery “documentaries”, but on the whole I think they lack the charm of the same kind of show from the 70s – 90s. As I’ve said before, I really liked In Search Of and Unsolved Mysteries. Of course I didn’t care for the actual brutal crime episodes of UM. Those just made me sad. Anyway, if you guys know of anything like that I would certainly appreciate links, or just titles. The site will usually kick active links to moderation, but I’ll review and okay anything. So don’t worry if your links don’t appear right away.

I like the kid show versions of scary stories because they try to balance horror and hope every few episodes. They don’t all end with everyone getting fucked over. I find a lot of that at a time depressing rather than cathartic. I’m very much the same way about horror movies. Except I’m almost instantly sick of them because they’re too… bleak? Masturbatory? Something along those lines. On the other hand, really well done suspense I can handle. There are a few modern horror films I regard as good examples of the genre, but I can never think of them unless they are mentioned. Anyway, I’m more apt to actually get creped out by the kids shows because they can’t rely on gore or violence to tell a scary story. They have to actually write one.

Right now the only paranormal podcast I still like is Anything Ghost. It’s just personal experiences presented with almost no commentary. Legends and fiction are sometimes allowed, but Lex tends to warn you which is which… although generally you can tell without help.

I only bring this up because I’m hurting for shows to watch while the Teen falls asleep. When she’s having a hard time going to sleep she usually asks me to come watch TV until she falls asleep. As you can imagine, you burn through a lot of content that way. All of the Family Guy shows for example; across the whole FG universe. Our tastes don’t always coincide as well. I can stand Buffy The Vampire Slayer to a point, but ultimately the writer was really too obsessed with seeming clever for me to stick with it for very long. His recent stuff I don’t have a problem with, so he must have grown out of that. The whole range of vampire romance is kind of a bore to me. I’ve seen a lot of it though… Degrassi I can stomach and even know a few charactrs and whatnot, but I’m not committed to the show. I enjoy the episodes we watch, so that’s good.

A lot of the time when these post just kind of stop it’s because I’ve been called away for sleep helper duty, or assistant zombie destroyer.