1283 Machinations.


I’ve never found a way to draw perspective correctly on my draw screen. I’ve tried a lot of ways, but they always end up looking terrible… Which is saying something in light of what I try to pass off as backgrounds. I started taking photos inside of stores in an effort to learn how to find a workable solution. The results so far have not met my desires. One of these days I’ll stumble across something I suppose. For the moment I’ll just have to keep living with my vexation…

This stuff with Reggie illustrates perhaps a darker side of Thomas’s personality. At least a person could see it that way. He openly enjoys the manipulation of others. His goals are typically altruistic, but few people like being manipulated, even if it’s for their own good. Plus, who is he to decide what is, or isn’t, right for someone else? In the end that’s something that gets asked of all leaders. In my opinion people, on the whole, need to be led. The problem has always been that if they realize what’s going on they resist, even if it’s for the best, just because that’s how people are. On some level we never really get past that moment when we’re a baby screaming “I WANNA DO IT MYSELF!” at out caregiver. Some people can lead through force of will, or charisma, and Thomas could probably do both, but we’ve seen time and again that he prefers the path of least resistance. What he perceives at that path anyway. Now, operation Reggie is going in to effect. An operation that could very well end in disaster.